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Axe Throwing Together
An unforgetable way to bond your team

Chances are, no one in your squad has ever thrown an axe!
Axe throwing is the new trendy activity in team building industry.
While the most important objective is to have fun, this exercise also gives people an opportunity to learn a new skill and blow some steam off.
Rage Montreal is a indoor axe throwing range in Montreal downtown. With 11 throwing alleys, where up to 60 people can share their experience simultaneously in a casual urban atmosphere.

Being catered for various event types, Rage is a perfect place to host big groups, make presentations and perform team bonding exercises. Our professional instructors will ensure full team participation making it an extraordinary pass time activity.

Axe throwing sounds dangerous? In fact, an axe is one of the safest objects to throw. Learning the basics requires about 10-15 minutes of training. Since safety is our main priority, our team is constantly watchful and ready to assist.

We believe, that teams, who experience new things together form stronger bonds. Especially when the activity involves a challenge.

Increase Team Spirit
Throw all at once and feel the unity
Blow Off Steam
Physical activity that clears the mind
Learn New Skill
Add a new skill to your pesonal agenda
Try Something Unique
Book the range for a day or a couple of hours.
Challenge your colleagues for the title of the champion
Bond The Team
Sharing an emotion brings people together.
There is no a better activity to blow off steam and bond as a team at the same time. If another way existed, we would know.

Our team has a lot of experience organizing and hosting events.
Depending on the number of people, purpose and duration of the activity, we can offer various options. Here is an example for a 2 hour corporate.
Participants receive a quick briefing about the activity and safety rules.
Basics of Axe throwing
Theoretical explanation and practical application with an individual approach to every participant.
Play and Practice
Several games are offered to help master axe throwing skill and prepare for the tournament
Rage Throw
To evaluate skill progression and stimulate team spirit, participants line up and throw axes simultaneously on several occasions during the event.
Mid way of the event, a tournament is held to determine the greatest axe thrower of the team. The winner of the competition will take home the title of the champion along with a golden axe.
Variety of Axes to try
Towards the end of the event, everyone will have a chance to try different types of axes for the fun.
And we will try to get back to you as soon as possible
Have a question? Give as call at 514-303-7243 or send an email to
What are the opening hours?
We are always open for special occasions and corporate team buildings. Send us your request and we will be glad to plan your event outside our regular operation hours.
What is your maximum capacity?
We can easily host events with up to 60 participants. If you have a bigger group, contact us at
Is there a dress code?
We suggest to wear comfortable shoes and clothing since axe throwing is still a physical activity. Open toes shoes or heels are not permitted. We also suggest to avoid hoodies.
Can we bring food?
Of course, you can bring your own food or organize catering. We also have additional furniture available on demand.
Can we bring kids?
Axe throwing can be a perfect family outing, however children below 16 must be under adult supervision. We have smaller axes that kids can try out, but our instructors reserve the right to refuse participation if they consider it to be unsafe for a younger participant.
We have a special request, whom do we talk to?
For special requests, contact us at and we will be glad to assist.
Imagine all the people swinging
axes at once. Woo-hoo